Easy Google Profit, GoogleTreasureChest & Google Money Tree Scam

Everyone loves it when their website pages reach the top of the search engines, but what a shock it was to us to start receiving ‘scam’ emails, questions about some program, and death threats. Yes! Even death threats!

We started to research just what exactly it was that people were searching for information on, and boy did we find out. It seems there is a program out there called Easy Google Profits, that for $1.97, will send you a CD about how to make thousands within 72 hours. Unfortunately, for those who don’t read the fine print, you also end up being auto billed monthly for 3 separate charges. We have also read numerous reports stating the CD rom has a trojan virus on it as well. Ouch people!

This company has NOTHING to do with us. I even had someone scan a copy of the package they received so I could see what the heck was going on! The email address on the front of the package clearly says “support@googletreasurechest.com”. If one was to take a look at our site, we are clearly totaltreasurechest.com, NOT ‘google’.

So no biggie – people make mistakes. We have tried to send those of you contacting us some advice and assistance, but once we start getting death threats and other threatening emails, one has to draw the line at some point – hence this post :)

So here’s a little of what we found out:

On April 24, 2009 the Texas Attorney General’s Office announced charges for operating a fraudulent work-at-home scheme against Infusion Media Inc, GoogleTreasureChest.com, InternetIncomeInitiative.com, and Jonathan D. Eborn (”Defendants”), whose “GoogleMoneyTree.com” promised six-figure earnings for conducting specialized Google and Yahoo Internet searches. According to the state’s enforcement action, GoogleMoneyTree failed to clearly inform purchasers that they had been enrolled in monthly memberships and had only seven days to cancel their trial membership. Purchasers who failed to cancel within seven days were automatically charged $82 on their credit card statements each month. In addition to the unexpected credit card charges, customer complaints obtained by state investigators indicate that GoogleMoneyTree failed to actually send the “free kit” and refused to honor customer refunds. The state is seeking an injunction, civil penalties of up to $20,000 per violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, as well as restitution for purchasers.

Here is the link to the full charges made by Texas.

From other reports we have read, it seems calling this company to cancel the charges does not work, despite receiving a cancellation verification code. Most consumers have had to actually cancel their credit card and have a new number issued. I’d advise anyone who has purchased this product to contact their credit card company or bank asap, and advise them of the situation.

MAY 20 UPDATE: The Easy Google Profits scam has now spread to 2 different sites built to look like respectable newspaper pages from The Los Angeles Tribune and The Miami Gazette News. These are NOT actual pages from REAL newspapers – they have been developed purely to dupe people into thinking the opportunity is legitimate.

Be on the lookout for:


Help Stop Others From Being Duped!

Please leave a comment below with any other helpful information or questions you may have. Let’s stop these guys NOW.


  1. May 13, 2009
    7:04 pm


    Yes, I had the same problem when I called the place to cancel my account. I called to cancel my account before the free trial ended and they still took money out of my account. I called back to get a refund and they would not give me a refund and I got another cancellation number. I was unable to speak to a supervisor. I was told the supervisor was not there. I do not recommend anyone trying this out. It’s a scam. Thanks Kim

  2. May 14, 2009
    10:01 pm

    Google Treasure Chest

    What a complete scam these people are. Im glad the government is finally taking action against them. Please avoid this at all costs. If you want to see dozens of customer complaints against this company check out this article http://www.reviewopedia.com/easy-google-profit.htm

  3. May 17, 2009
    12:08 pm


    We are now receiving upwards of 150 people per day to this post, so it goes to show you just how many people have been affected by the Easy Google Profits scam. Everyone out there who is still advertising this product needs to stop so no one else is affected.

  4. May 23, 2009
    7:28 am


    I received an email with a link that claimed to be a link to a NY Times article. Biggest clue it was fake was that NY Times isn’t a .net website and the information at the top of the web page showed nothing that you would find on the actual NY Times site.

  5. May 24, 2009
    7:45 pm


    There is some more information on the Easy Google Profit scam and Google Treasure Chest here:




    A lot of these scam offers are being pushed via the CPA networks.

  6. May 25, 2009
    10:37 am

    google money system

    Thanks for posting! This is really helpful.

  7. May 25, 2009
    6:40 pm


    @google money systems… Then why the nerve to post your comment and use an Easy Google Profit blog you owns as your referring url link? As you can see, I edited it out :)

    It amazes me at the audacity of some people…

  8. May 25, 2009
    8:52 pm


    i fell for it. i paid and now im worried… i ususally am good about checking these out but that website above looked real to me.. omg and i fell for it. Now what do i do? can anyone advise? I am going to spend time tomorrow morning trying to figure out how to get out of it. If you look at the link, i paid for both.. omg i feel so foolish.

  9. May 25, 2009
    9:01 pm


    @alie Don’t feel foolish. There are hundreds and hundreds of others who have also fallen for this one, along with many more replicated versions.

    Best advice I can give you is to call your credit company first thing tomorrow and ask them how they feel you should best handle it. I am sure they may even have some records building up on this company. Be persistant and insist something be done to avoid any charges what so ever.

    Good Luck!

  10. May 25, 2009
    9:08 pm


    thank you for your response so fast! i will call the bank tomorrow.
    thanks again

  11. May 26, 2009
    10:31 am


    Alie – looks like that site you linked to is owned by a dentist in Columbus, Georgia.

    See: http://electronplumber.com/the-los-angeles-tribune-news-scam/#comment-850

    Dentists promoting get rich quick scams – whatever next!?

  12. May 26, 2009
    9:54 pm


    I found the google profits on facebook. The was a guy claiming to be from red deer ( where i live) saying all this stuff. my roommate and i thought we would try it out and we are still waiting for the product to show up. They gave us a number to call for customer service and when you call that number it takes you to taiwan? I am gathering this is B.S…Are all the google things scams? I am hopeing not, but won’t be surprised if it is. The funny thing is that i have not had any charges to my credit card, it was just the 1.95 for shipping…HMMMM i wonder….Any that could fill me in with some info would be great….Thank you very much….chris from red deer

    • May 28, 2009
      7:35 am


      Not all of the Google products are scams but few, if any, will make a newcomer a pocketful of cash quickly. Read up on how Google Adsense works before you buy any products and, once you are more informed, be selective about what you buy. The more money they claim you can make, the more I steer clear of them.

  13. May 27, 2009
    12:51 pm


    I clicked on ad for this, and it took me to an article from Detroit newspaper. Good thing I always google ads to see if there is a scam with it, and sure enough…BAM…it’s a scam. Sure saves me time, worry, and money!! Always do a search on anything your are about to pay for to make sure it is not a scam!! Ten times out of ten it’s a scam!!

    • May 27, 2009
      1:06 pm


      I agree 100% that you should always google anything that you are about to pay for to be sure. However, I don’t think 10 times out of 10 it will be a scam. Some ridiculous marketers seem to think using the word “scam” in their marketing tactics is a good thing.

      I have written a more detailed post about this ridiculous practice on our sister site:

      The Scam Threat Marketing Tactic – iBlogaholic.com

      Consider popping over there and posting your views on this silly way of burying the real scams in between the good stuff…


  14. Sep 14, 2009
    2:39 pm


    Heads up everyone – Looks like Google Treasure Chest may be at it again – look for charges labeled Auction Support, Grants R Us, Web Training Group, or Grant Finder – all with different 888 and 877 phone numbers – but for $68.46 or $24.87. They all lead to MySellersGuide.com. These charges started appearing after the FTC shut down Google Treasure Chest, Google Money Tree and et. al. in June 2009. File a complaint at FTC.gov or call (877) FTC-HELP if you have any of these charges.

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